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BASIS Flagstaff Senior Adam  S.

Words, Music, and Their Unconscious Effects on the Mind

Project/blog link: Words, Music, and Their Unconscious Effects on the Mind
BASIS Advisor: Chris Lamb
Internship location: Northern Arizona University
Onsite Mentor: Mackenzie Onofry, MS Candidate, Northern Arizona University

Project Abstract (2017)

In modern psychology, the unconscious mind is considered integral to our perception of the world, our general behavior, and even our cognitive performance. Providing any stimulus meant to influence cognition unconsciously is known as priming. Past research has repeatedly shown that both auditory and visual primes can have measurable (and often strange) unconscious effects on cognition. There is also evidence that priming can have different effects when subjects are primed as individuals rather than as groups. This research will have three goals. First, to compare the effects of priming with either music or words (aimed at improving mood or performance or increasing motivation) on mood, performance, and motivation of individual subjects; second, to compare the same primes and cognitive measures on groups of subjects; and third, to evaluate whether a combination of the two primes has a stronger or weaker effect on individual subjects. Through this research, I hope to contribute to the existing bodies of information on auditory and visual primes and perhaps provide a connection between the two fields. By expanding the body of knowledge on priming, we can begin to have greater influence over our mental state, our performance, and even our interactions with others. By becoming conscious of what factors may unconsciously affect us and those around us, we become more aware of how we can use our surroundings in the most efficient and effective ways.

Words, Music, and Their Unconscious Effects on the Mind