KariJoy T. – BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Flagstaff Senior KariJoy T.

Big Attitudes, Small Town

Project/blog link: Big Attitudes, Small Town
BASIS Advisor: Chris Bayer
Internship location: National Holocaust Museum
Onsite Mentor: Bjorn Krondorfer, PhD, Director, Martin-Springer Institute, Northern Arizona University

Project Abstract (2017)

In preparation for an internship at The United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., I researched Jewish life and traditions, focusing on the small-town experiences of people in northern Arizona, and examined how public opinion of Jewish people evolved in pre- and post-World War II Flagstaff. Together with the Martin-Springer Institute of NAU, I'm helping to create a magazine based on the findings of their "Flagstaff Jewish Lives" project. While in Washington, I will work in the Survivor Affairs division of the museum, where I will communicate with survivors and help them tell their stories. One of the goals of my project is to make these stories, and other details of historical Jewish experience, more widely accessible.

Big Attitudes, Small Town