Alex C. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Alex C.

Music Chemistry: The K-Pop Formula

Project/blog link: Music Chemistry: The K-Pop Formula
BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Rosinbum
Internship location: Metropia Inc.
Onsite Mentor: Jeff Lin, Associate Director of Software System Engineering

Project Abstract (2017)

South Korean pop music, or K-Pop, is a rapidly growing sector of the music industry, and has experienced increased economic success and international exposure over the last few years. Although a variety of possible causes have been postulated for this heightened popularity, this study aims to quantitatively analyze one aspect of K-Pop in particular - the music itself. Utilizing a novel method involving musical correlational analytics, this research will anatomize successful K-Pop songs released between 2014 and 2016 and parse existing databases for records of those songs. The songs will be analyzed with an online API, and the databases will be searched for information on how successful the songs actually are. These two sets of information will then be compared with each other and evaluated for meaningful correspondence. Out of all of the song attributes analyzed, the tempo and valence, or positivity, of a song will be the two values that are predicted to be correlated to the popularity of the song. These results potentially hold revelations of how a K-Pop song’s content and commercial success are linked, leading to large-scale implications in terms of how K-Pop music producers choose to develop their songs. Beyond these industrial ramifications, however, this study also adopts a methodology that can be applied to analyze other parts of the music industry.

Music Chemistry: The K-Pop Formula