Susan H. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Susan H.

Restorative Justice and Media Manipulation

Project/blog link: Restorative Justice and Media Manipulation
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Rosinbum
Internship location: Pima County Teen Court
Onsite Mentor: Kate Spaulding, Manager of Teen Court

Project Abstract (2017)

There is a problem with the way in which our society perceives past offenders, which has ramifications for bringing them back into our society. Despite the idea that these past offenders should be reintroduced to a welcoming community, they instead struggle to change their lifestyles because of the community’s desire to ostracize them. This has negatively impacted ex-offenders because it creates a never-ending cycle of crime and punishment. A possible cause of this may be that the community does not know of or trust the rehabilitative approaches the criminal justice system attempts to take. The general public is also not very familiar with the idea of restorative justice and thus are not as receptive to welcoming past offenders back into the society. On the other hand, the general public is very familiar with crime, with media as the main cause. This, in turn, sparks a one-sided perspective when talking about past offenders. My project, which investigates the media manipulation in increasing familiarity of crime in comparison to restorative justice, may be the first step to remedy this situation.

Restorative Justice and Media Manipulation