Project Abstract (2017)

Video games are the latest medium that has the ability to expose the someone to moral dilemmas. However, video games give the player that ability to act in a moral dilemma instead of presenting a moral dilemma to a passive recipient, as is done by movies and books. Throughout this project, I will operate under the assumption that people will act according to their morals, both in real life and in video games. I will be examining the predictability of people's decisions when presented with moral dilemmas in video games. In doing this, I will be using Lewis and Weaver’s method from “Mirrored Morality: An Exploration of Moral Choice in Video Games,” which utilizes the Moral Foundations Theory. The Moral Foundations Theory hypothesizes five different “foundations” that build one’s sense of morals. While it is commonely used to compare the differences in beliefs and values between different political ideologies, I will be using the Moral Foundation Questionnaire in order to identify the concentrations of the five different foundations in order to understand the moral concerns of each individual. I will be using Dishonored and a two-part survey. The results will be used as evidence to show a pattern that can be used to predict how a player will act in a moral dilemma.

To Kill or Not To Kill: Moral Foundation Theory and Moral Dilmmeas in VIdeo Games