Kyle G. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Kyle G.

Big Data and Technology in Healthcare Management

Project/blog link: Big Data and Technology in Healthcare Management
BASIS Advisor: Mathew McCorkle
Internship location: Dignity Health Corporate Office
Onsite Mentor: Srinivas Ganti, Lead Solution Architect

Project Abstract (2017)

Big Data is an emerging field that allows servers and systems to store and analyze incredibly large amounts of data that would have been impossible before. Big Data can be leveraged in a variety of applications, from identifying broad trends of a large population using astronomical amounts of information, to making complex predictions with computers that would have been impossible by hand. Dignity Health is on the forefront of integrating Big Data into their systems to improve the treatment of patients, and leveraging the internet to provide them with the information to better their hospitals. Social media is a huge focus of one of their ongoing projects; by focusing on Twitter and analyzing the buzz surrounding a topic, they can discover what people are really talking about and how they feel surrounding a certain issue. My role will be to work alongside their teams on multiple projects: a genomics database that will allow integration of genetic information with the clinical data of a patient to provide personalized care, analysis of wholesale drug prices for the hospital against retail prices to ensure patients receive a fair price, and the final Twitter project to run sentiment analysis on the stream of tweets on a issue or topic. These will allow me to truly illustrate the potential of Big Data and how data analytics and technology are being applied to improve healthcare and the daily lives of us all.

Big Data and Technology in Healthcare Management