Project Abstract (2017)

In this new age of ever-evolving thinking and innovation, high school education remains stagnant. Instead of fully understanding a topic, students have relied on rote memorization and other passive methods in order to pass some final exam. Universities across the nation have faced the same problem of disengagement, but unlike high schools, many universities have created frameworks to push students to infinity and beyond. This study used a program created by the University of Arizona, the 100% Engagement Initiative, as a guide to see whether or not a similar framework can be applied to a high school education. The study focused on two activities within the 100% Engagement Initiative, Discovery and Leadership. In Discovery, the independent or collaborative inquiry, and (Transformational) Leadership, relationships are organized around a collective purpose in ways that transform, motivate, and enhance the actions and ethical aspirations of followers. By conducting a qualitative meta-analysis with aspects of a phenomenological study, this project reviewed various studies on the effects of Discovery and Leadership on engagement to gather data in order to see how viable a framework such as the 100% Engagement Initiative is. This study hopes to better understand the gap between engagement and high school education specifically, due to a certain lack of clear connections. In the future, the study can be pushed further into creating an independent framework to engage high school students.

100% Engagement: Effects of Discovery Learning and Transformational Leadership on engagement levels of high school students