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Stranger Things

Project/blog link: Stranger Things
BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Rosinbum

Project Abstract (2017)

Language has the power to influence the way people think and perceive their surroundings. Because the transmission of language is an expression and extension of the individual, this project heavily assumes social constructivism, which is the idea that human development is situated and created through interactions between others. In the context of gender discussion, a social constructivist view contends that gender is a not an innate characteristic. A stereotypical representation of masculinity and femininity is prevalent in television shows, which has been shown to influence how people view themselves and the world around them. Traditional media often displays a power difference between the male and female identity, where the male counterpart is presented in a higher social status than the female. This paper examines the issues regarding gender roles in the first season of Stranger Things, a Netflix original television show that was released in July 2016, and will establish what kind of power structure is created based upon conversation. The aim of this project is to recognize if the show attempts to disrupt the pre-existing stereotype in gender status and creates a more egalitarian relationship between the two genders using the turn-taking system, which was developed by Harvey Sacks. My hypothesis is both genders speak to each other with respect and as equals, as there are very few interruptions between the first and second speakers within a conversation, and thus follows the guidelines of the turn-taking method.

Stranger Things