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BASIS Tucson North Senior Michael  V.

Virtual Reality and Varsity Jackets

Project/blog link: Virtual Reality and Varsity Jackets
BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Rosinbum

Project Abstract (2017)

Historically, women have been subject to the stifling hand of sexism, a presence which as of late has been found in two areas in particular: sports and video games. Less media attention overall is directed at female-dominated sports such as women’s volleyball, as compared to sports like men’s football. In video games, a major method of advertisement is the use of highly objectifying advertisements, compounded with the fetishization of, yet condescension to, “girl gamers.” I want to know whether these attitudes are truly a majority, or if they are simply the opinion of the more outspoken minority in the gaming community. It is also possible that it is a medium between the two, and that there is little correlation between sports and video games and sexism. This project is meant to examine the possible causes of sexism by assessing the amount of time that students and young adults spend on videogames, or sports, or both within a certain time period, and then comparing that data to the participants perceptions of gender. A pair of multiple choice sections and subsequent numerical responses determines type and amount of participation in sports and video games, while a word-association portion assesses perceived gender roles. I predict there will be a positive correlation between the activities, however, even if there isn’t, there is still work to be done in these communities.

Virtual Reality and Varsity Jackets