Hailyn Y. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Hailyn Y.

Young & Trendy

Project/blog link: Young & Trendy
BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Rosinbum
Internship location: Mutzine (online)
Onsite Mentor: Gissella Ramirez-Valle, Creator of website

Project Abstract (2017)

One interesting aspect of youth fashion in South Korea is that there is a distinct, identifiable style. Despite the myriad amount of clothing that is available on the market, the presentation and styling of these clothes by youth fall under the general concept/label of “Korean fashion.” While different individuals have personal preferences within fashion, the fashion “sense” of most of these youth appear to apply to a broader aesthetic, which I have labeled as their “fashion aesthetic.” Under the assumption that this aesthetic does exist, this research paper serves to investigate what this aesthetic is and whether my hypothesis, that fashion trends and social media are the two significant elements of this aesthetic, is true. Conducting a mixture of surveys and interviews, I will analyze fashion trends, including their creation, mediums, and effects. This project will explore what type of influence social media has on the fashion of these youth, in order to understand how these two factors contribute to running this fashion aesthetic. This may, in turn, allow us to delve deeper into the fashion conscience of South Korean youth and understand what role fashion plays in their lives.

Young & Trendy