Elizabeth J. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Elizabeth J.

The Modern Day Female Engineer

Project/blog link: The Modern Day Female Engineer
BASIS Advisor: Chip Weber
Internship location: MJS Designs
Onsite Mentor: Stacy Will, Human Resources Manager

Project Abstract (2017)

Engineering is traditionally a male-dominated field; however, this attitude is quickly shifting. An increasing number of programs are being implemented to encourage females to pursue the engineering field. Despite these efforts, women still face obstacles when entering engineering. The goal of my project is to display these women and the ways in which society is currently eliminating these obstacles. The project will be research-based, relying heavily on statistics, and will include my first-hand experiences in my internship, providing a better picture of what engineers do. At the conclusion of my project, I hope to break through the traditional stereotypes that society holds towards engineering and display the advantages of having both males and females in engineering fields. In order to gain a better perspective on the issue, I will intern at MJS Designs, a PC circuit board design company. I hope to understand the overall PC production process and work closely with the head electrical engineer. I will use my internship as empirical evidence of what I am finding in my research. I expect to discover a variety of programs geared towards working with females in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), and I hope to contribute a younger perspective on this issue.

The Modern Day Female Engineer