Victoria L. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Victoria L.

The Design Process: Architectural Implications

Project/blog link: The Design Process: Architectural Implications
BASIS Advisor: Stephanie Rieser
Internship location: LEA Architects
Onsite Mentor: Beverly Enyart, Operations Manager

Project Abstract (2017)

A constant presence in our urban lives: architecture. But is all that meets the eye, all that it is? Let the investigation begin! Taking an administrative role at an architecture firm, I aim to observe and experience all of the overlooked details and processes taken in order for our structures to come to life. Why is architecture so important? And in what ways are we, as a society and an environment, affected by it? Through the first-hand opportunity of witnessing the architectural process at work, as well as independent study from readings and films, I will be very well-balanced in the sense that many perspectives and aspects will be addressed in my research. As architecture may influence and affect our surroundings, architects must be very considerate whilst designing the structure. Seemingly miniscule decisions may upset the structure in the grand scale. This concept of architecture is an onion, waiting to be peeled.

The Design Process: Architectural Implications