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BASIS Phoenix Senior Asfia N.

Laser Scanning the Healing Process

Project/blog link: Laser Scanning the Healing Process
BASIS Advisor: Wendy Sandor
Internship location: Phoenix Children's Hospital
Onsite Mentor: Justin Ryan, PhD, Research Scientist

Project Abstract (2017)

Wound healing is an essential part of normal human body functioning. Whenever a person contracts an injury, their skin cells and immune system go straight to work on repair. This occurs in three stages: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. However, infection and other hindrances may halt this physiological process. Currently, physicians assess how a wound is healing based upon symptoms like discoloration and swelling. My project aims to look for signs of repair malfunction before outer symptoms manifest and recovery becomes more difficult. During my internship at Phoenix Children's Hospital's Cardiac 3D Lab, I will be using a laser scanner to look at 3D models of the different stages of wound healing. The subjects will include wound patients at the hospital who consent to be a part of this study. I will compile all my results into a booklet that physicians can utilize to better evaluate how a wound is healing. The aim is to redefine the language of wound healing for superior patient care. Improved wound management will not only reduce incidences of hospital-associated infections, but will also significantly enhance patient quality of life.

Laser Scanning the Healing Process