Alek P. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Alek P.

Solving Automotive Design Challenges with CAD and 3D Printing

Project/blog link: Solving Automotive Design Challenges with CAD and 3D Printing
BASIS Advisor: Chip Weber
Internship location: Arizona Science Center
Onsite Mentor: Jonah Michael, Exhibits & Collection Intern

Project Abstract (2017)

Wouldn't it be boring if every car on the road looked the same? Thanks to automotive designers, new vehicle packages are always in development. Many packages, however, are being regurgitated over multiple decades, as the workings of physics and aerodynamics place constraints on design. Fortunately, recent advancements in system components have enabled a whole new world of design choices. I intend to use this project as an opportunity to challenge current design trends and create a valuable contribution to the automotive community. H-Point: The Fundamentals of Car Design and Packaging is my comprehensive guide for the design process. Additionally, I am using online resources to learn how to use computer-aided design software. Once the model is complete, I will use the tools available at the Arizona Science Center's CREATE facility to build it. There, I have access to various 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering tools, and a woodworking shop. In the automotive industry, form is just as important as function. Artful packaging is essential to any vehicle's success on the market. Everything in nature (including humans) depends on well-sorted proportions. The same rules govern automobile design. Every year I attend the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction. It fascinates me to see the evolution of cars across the decades, as it paints a vivid story of exploration and passion.

Solving Automotive Design Challenges with CAD and 3D Printing