Isabella B. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Isabella  B.

Healthcare, Policy, and Politics

Project/blog link: Healthcare, Policy, and Politics
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Judson
Internship location: Miami Planned Parenthood

Project Abstract (2017)

Through my project, I attempt to understand the reasons for the political fervor that surrounds women’s healthcare, particularly around its providers. I plan to work in the Health Center Advocacy program of the Planned Parenthood in Miami, Florida in order to help further my understanding of this. While there, I will speak with patients about their experiences with Planned Parenthood and ask them to be supporters of the health care provider. By including the work of various feminist authors, statements by opponents of Planned Parenthood’s work, and patient testimony in my research, I hope to see how this politicization affects the way in which women receive health services. I expect that a large part of the controversy surrounding women’s healthcare will be rooted in historical religious views of the woman’s body, as the property of her husband and as a being that should be ""pure."" I also expect that the political controversy surrounding women’s healthcare has lowered the quality of it, especially for low-income and minority women. By understanding these issues, I hope to illuminate the ways in which a shift in attitude towards women’s healthcare could improve the services offered, raising the quality of life for all women and helping to ameliorate the inequalities present in the healthcare system.

Healthcare, Policy, and Politics