Marian K. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Marian K.

Brain and Behavior of Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Project/blog link: Brain and Behavior of Patients with Parkinson's Disease
BASIS Advisor: Mrs. Buldis
Internship location: U of Arizona Psychology Dept.

Project Abstract (2017)

The purpose of my senior research project is to learn about brain imaging findings in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and also to see how using noninvasive brain stimulation, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, for Parkinson’s Disease affects the brain and behavior of patients. I will be looking at the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) machine, housed in the University of Arizona Psychology Department, to see how this machine affects the brain and certain behaviors in Parkinson’s Disease. I will also be organizing different studies on how repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) affects the motor symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s Disease on a file. My research question is: how can repetitive noninvasive brain stimulation affect behaviors in Parkinson’s Disease, and how can these stimulations help improve future treatments? I expect that all the studies I explore will have the same conclusion, which is that rTMS is more effective in reducing motor symptoms in patients with PD than other sham-controlled rTMS. This topic in Parkinson’s Disease is important to the world because many people have this disease, and so research is important to help find more useful treatments for patients.

Brain and Behavior of Patients with Parkinson's Disease