Seth M. – BASIS Tucson North

Project Abstract (2017)

In my project, I will be testing multiple traits of a molecule that is made of entirely biodegradable materials, in order to determine whether or not the molecule is more “green” and biologically-friendly than its counterparts of similar purpose but different chemical make-up. Throughout my time with the University of Arizona's Pemberton Research Group, I will be using surface tensiometry, UV‐Vis. spectroscopy, and many other methods to test if this molecule is indeed more sustainable, as well as if the molecule is able to survive in more acidic environments than its counterparts. My own hypothesis is that this molecule will be more environmentally-friendly and stronger in acidic environments than previous molecules. My aspiration is to find a molecule that is more “green” so as to protect our Earth more. In particular, I believe that this research applies to the science of cleaning up oil spills; the molecule I will be working with can be applied to this task while maintaining environmental sustainability.

Determining the characteristics and sustainability of Carbon-Linked Glycolipids as Surfactants