Garrett M. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Garrett M.

Analysis and Experience in the Game Design Field

Project/blog link: Analysis and Experience in the Game Design Field
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Swindle
Internship location: Proper Villains

Project Abstract (2017)

Video games: once a novelty entertainment item, they have now become a massive, worldwide industry that brings in billions of dollars in revenue every year. While most people are content to just play games, few understand how the games they play are produced. The focus of this project is what goes into actually producing a full commercial game. I will be working at Proper Villains, a local company working on a game called Minibotz that will be released on Steam, the biggest online video game storefront, around the time of the conclusion of my project. I will be working on the coding and design aspects of the game, helping the team build a fully commercial game that will be released and sold to the millions of gamers who use Steam every day. My jobs will entail a lot of programming, which I hope to grow my experience in, and a lot of brainstorming and theory crafting about the design of levels, enemies, and player characters. Video games are a cornerstone of modern entertainment, and I hope to gain insight and practice into the world of their creation.

Analysis and Experience in the Game Design Field