Hannah P. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Hannah P.

Landscape Design and Conservation

Project/blog link: Landscape Design and Conservation
BASIS Advisor: Mrs. Lundt
Internship location: FYRA Engineering

Project Abstract (2017)

My internship for this project will be with FYRA Engineering, an environmental engineering firm based out of Nebraska. With FYRA, I will work closely with Wheeler Elementary School, a school in Nebraska that recently reached out to FYRA for help with their environmental science education. Wheeler wants their earth science curriculum to become more hands-on, and it will be my job to help design the science curriculum by A) finding websites and articles about local environmental projects; B) testing out hands-on projects, such as soil samplers; and C) guiding students through the research and design of a rain garden. The students will also be studying whether or not a rain garden would be beneficial to build on their school site, something FYRA engineering will help with. Out of this project, FYRA engineering hopes to compile a trunk kit of sorts for earth science education, so that if other schools also came to them for help they would have a curriculum with projects already designed. The final product of this project will be a research paper detailing the effects of the environmental education on the school's environmental consciousness, in addition to the trunk kit for science education.

Landscape Design and Conservation