Jonathan R. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Jonathan R.

Making Virtual Reality a Reality

Project/blog link: Making Virtual Reality a Reality
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Balanda
Internship location: U of Arizona Research and Learning

Project Abstract (2017)

Virtual Reality is a growing phenomenon that has just recently expanded outside of video games and into exercise. By bringing virtual reality to exercise, mundane workouts will feel less like a burden and more like a game, which will result in better and more consistent exercises for people. We are working with stationary bike trainers, processing units, and 3D rendering software. I will be feeding the raw input speed, gear, and other information from the stationary bike into the processing unit, which will then produce a 3D output to the virtual reality headset. This will enable the rider to feel like they are in an outside environment. The useful application that this project presents is the ability to not only make a rider feel like they are riding an actual course, but to project other riders beside them in the same environment. Rather than trying to race against a number, they could be racing against somebody else and it will feel much more authentic. Such an immersive training experience could increase a sense of healthy competition in the rider, which could lead to not only better training but more enjoyable exercise.

Making Virtual Reality a Reality