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BASIS Tucson North Senior Geneva  S.

Behavioral Issues and Grief in Middle School Students

Project/blog link: Behavioral Issues and Grief in Middle School Students
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Shroff
Internship location: Tu Nidito

Project Abstract (2017)

The purpose of this project is to discuss specific behavioral problems among middle school students who have had someone close to them die or receive a diagnosis of a serious, life-threatening illness. Many middle school students have behavioral issues for a variety of reasons, but this project will focus on which problems are specifically tied to grief and bereavement. It is a goal of my project that positive redirection strategies can be employed without discounting the child’s grieving process. Middle school is often a time of massive transition for students; the loss of a loved one can make this even more difficult, creating strain on students, their families, and their schools. Traditional discipline can often exacerbate these problems by isolating the student without addressing the underlying problems. Thus, a project specifically geared toward these challenges is valuable to BASIS Tucson North as a school and community. I will be reviewing the literature surrounding grief in middle school students in addition to working with bereaved students. I will also be talking with counsellors and volunteers at Tu Nidito and program staff at Camp Westwind about their experiences with students with specific behavioral problems and solutions. By studying grief both academically and anecdotally, I hope to come up with concrete ways that adults can support students experiencing grief.

Behavioral Issues and Grief in Middle School Students