Ben W. – BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North Senior Ben W.

Laser Cutter Script

Project/blog link: Laser Cutter Script
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Marinaccio
Internship location: Xerocraft

Project Abstract (2017)

Laser cutting is an automated process, used to cut detailed and highly reproducible two-dimensional objects out of a material. In order to achieve this, a vector art file is sent from a computer to the laser cutter; however, this vector art file often has slight imperfections that make it unsuitable for cutting. Currently these imperfections (lines not connecting, duplicate lines, etc.) are fixed manually and tediously by the user. This drastically increases the time required to perform a laser cut, and discourages makers from using the machine. XeroCraft has a laser cutter machine and wants the process to be more accessible to the community. I will create a script to automate the repair process and reduce the time required. I plan to create a stand alone program in Python to edit the vector art files (.svg), however; my advisor and I are also entertaining creating an extension script to the vector art file editor (Inkscape). This program will drastically reduce time spent laser cutting to allow others to focus on the creative aspect of laser cutting, and increase the amount of people who can access the laser cutting process.

Laser Cutter Script