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Sustainable Living: Timber is Misunderstood

Project/blog link: Sustainable Living: Timber is Misunderstood
BASIS Advisor: Ms. Christy Colt
Internship location: WDG Architecture
Onsite Mentor: Mr. S.L. Hopkins, Construction Contract Administrator

Project Abstract (2017)

Why is timber more efficient to use in framing and cladding compared to steel, a more conventional material? Having a socially, environmentally, and climatically efficient edifice is one of the most important aspects of designing a structure. Using resources at the Building Museum and the professional opinions of architects at WDG Architecture, this project seeks to determine which building materials are the safest, healthiest, and most efficient for urban settings. In my research I hope to prove that timber and other naturally occurring materials will be the best choice in creating skeletons for edifices because of their durability, flexibility, and life-cycle duration.

Sustainable Living: Timber is Misunderstood