Richard S. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Richard S.

Volume and Weight Effects on Strength Training

Project/blog link: Volume and Weight Effects on Strength Training
BASIS Advisor: Mark Durfee
Internship location: LA Fitness Oro Valley
Onsite Mentor: Jimmy Dana, Personal Trainer

Project Abstract (2017)

My Senior Project investigates weight training methods and the effectiveness of different training regimens. I asked four students from BASIS Oro Valley to accompany me to the gym and lift weights for three months. During this time, the trainees will be put on a strict weight training regimen and a relaxed nutritional diet. The regimen breaks up weight training by muscle group (i.e. back, legs, arms, shoulders, chest). These muscle groups, as well as a cardio day and a rest day, will be cycled through on a weekly basis. I hope to establish concrete evidence on whether a high weight and low repetition training style is more effective than a low weight and high repetition style. There will be a control group of two trainees who lift with high weight and low repetition, who will be compared with two other trainees doing the same movements, but with low weight and high repetition. The results of the training will be determined with a powerlifting style competition with all the trainees. During a powerlifting competition, deadlifts, bench press, and squats are tested. The trainees will have three months to achieve personal records (or PR’s) and triumph over the rival group.

Volume and Weight Effects on Strength Training